Unrelated but interesting – Bracelets and China’s war on drugs

War on drugs Chinese way

China has arrested ten thousands of online drug dealers that were using private chat rooms to sell drugs. They’ll have to stock on bullets then – and prepare for world protests. Dug dealing is an extremely heavy crime in China and the standard penalty is a bullet in the neck – and all possessions are seized as well – as if you would need any of that with a bullet in your neck.

China is searious about this; we’ve all seen where a serious China leads to; tremendously well organized Olympics and Universiade, the fastest growing cities and economy in the world and the largest expanding housing bubble ever… On the drug field they have hung posters in every single bar stating clearly that use is an offense, but dealing is a crime punishable with death penalty.

So China will probably get a beating from the rest of the world for mass-murder (or mass-execution) of those found guilty. Well, even secret and private chat rooms with on invitation only access are not safe anymore nowadays.

USA had a “war on drugs” with a result we all know now: zero. China is just realizing it has a drug problem – as it is just realizing it has an aids problem – but somehow I think that this raid, where so many drug dealers in this vast country (from Xinjiang in the far west, to Beijing, Shanghai and many other cities) got a nice set of interconnected stainless steel bracelets works better than all efforts by the US…

Maybe the Chinese should team op with Anonymous? They’re taking on one of the strongest Mexican drug kartels and guess what, I think they’ll give ’em a beating.

Well, we didn’t manage to get too many keywords in this one. Only bracelets was fitting. Couldn’t get necklace to fit…

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How to get in the top

So far, our efforts to get our website running and making money from it, seem to be working a bit. It took 3 weeks to make the first sale and just after the summer holiday we reached break-even. However, contrary to my expectations, it is not Google that brings in the customers, but Facebook!

However, advertising a website like jewels-n-pearls takes a lot of effort! Even after spending days to optimize the keywords and analysing competition, we’re not getting up in the listings at all. But our google PR went up from – to 4, which as I understood is really not bad at all.

How do we get to the top then?

Honestly… I don’t know! Getting links is a way, but then again, the ones that would really help us up are either really expensive, or competitors. One guy told me, get links from the ones that are below you in the generic results. Someone else told me: write comments on blogs and then sneak in a reference. And he also told me to resubmit the sitemaps everyday.

There must be people out there that know a lot more about it than I do and I’d like to learn more so if you have any tips for me… appreciate!” title=”Jewish wedding entertainment band” target=”_blank”>

Thou shalt not offend Paypal

Well, the lessons are clear: Thou shalt not offend Paypal…
Ana apparently I did. On our website we sell a nice collection of high quality fashion items such as beads, charms, locks, chains, spacers and everything else one could need to make custom jewelry.
Paypal finds we break the rules so they have limited our account for a while.

I must however say that they are mighty helpful in resolving the problem and they’re really experienced in finding every single appearance of any product or phrase that is breaking the rules.

According to our provider the items we are selling are originals. Did we not ask if they were original Pandora charms? The nice lady at PayPal told us – with links to prove it… that some of the items for sure are not made by either Pandora, nor by Troll Beads, Otazu or Zinzi…

The remedy?
We had to retouch all pictures of all products that are not original Pandora, remove a number of charms for bracelets and then repost the entire website for scrutiny by PayPal again.

Let’s hope they accept it now again.

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My name is Bracelet

Hi there, y’all! Nice to find you on my blog page! I’m new to this, so don’t expect masterpieces yet. Why am I here, why would you want to read my posts… Is it world shocking news?

This blog is about fashion – more particularly, about jewelry websites.
Let’s not beat around the bush; I’d like you all to visit my websites. Such as where we sell great products at very low prices.

What’s then with a fashion blog? Well. I learned in my SEO class that having a blog where you use the keywords you want to rank high in google on, such as – in this case – fashion jewelry, jewellery, bracelets, necklaces – could help you get higher up in the rankings. So what do we know? Let’s give it a try!